Configuration Manager Software

Configuration Manager SoftwareConfiguring Weatherford’s EXS-1000™ remote terminal unit (RTU) is fast and easy using Weatherford’s Configuration Manager software. It is no longer necessary to look up or memorize parameter numbers and code choices. Parameters are automatically set up, assigned specific codes, at the click of a button. An additional window is provided to program parameters one number at a time.

Weatherford’s Configuration Manager software is a companion Windows™ program that supports Weatherford’s EXS-1000 RTUs. Versions are available for the standard, ESP, iESP™, eESP, EXS-1000 GLO, and EXS-1000 AGA3/WAG firmware models. RTUs can be programmed on-line or off-line with the configuration manager. The software transfers all configurable parameters to and from the RTU. Parameters can be read and saved “to” or “from” a file and transferred “to” or “from” the RTU.

Configuration Manager SoftwareSet up of RTUs can be performed on-line or off-line and configurations can be archived in files. Standard configuration menu features include:

  • Analog inputs and outputs
  • Digital inputs and outputs
  • PID loops
  • AGA3 calculations
  • Data logger
  • Host interface
  • System parameters

Online display menu features include:

  • Input/output
  • Alarms
  • AGA3

Configuration Manager Highlights

  • Build RTU configurations on-line or off-line
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Configure without disturbing host system

Features of the Configuration ManagerConfiguration Manager Software

  • Windows based operator interface
  • Build RTU configurations on-line or off-line
  • Automates PC port set up by “remembering” port settings
  • Configure RTUs without disturbing host system
  • Automatically align configuration files with the RTU
  • Multiple protocols and ports ease use with existing SCADA systems
  • Configure old, new and future versions of eP RTUs
  • Automatic Control Logic (ACL) available as an option

The Tools Menu includes an automatic data logger retrieval function. Log data is stored in a spread sheet compatible file format.

Each configuration dialog has a dedicated Help topic which gives a functional description and lists every modifiable parameter with its attributes.

Configuration Manager Specifications

System requirements PC or laptop with a serial port
Operating system Windows NT/2000/XP
Hard disk space 2M bytes
Connection Serial port link to the RTU(s)
Options Automatic Control Logic (ACL) available as an add on

Ordering Information

Part Number
PC54-00008-01 EXS-1000 GLO Configuration Manager
PC54-00008-02 ESP, iESP, eESP Configuration Manager with ACL compiler
PC54-00008-03 EXS-1000 AGA3/WAG Configuration Manager
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