K-500 Remote Terminal Unit

K-500 Remote Terminal UnitThe K-500 remote terminal unit (RTU) provides multiple-well flow measurement and control, functioning as a master for remote input/output modules to perform wireless plunger lift, well monitoring, and well control. This complete standalone or remote-control package, with integrated telemetry, is capable of gas/liquid flow measurement, process control, alarming, and data logging and storage. The K-500 RTU allows for configurations ranging from custody-transfer quality electronic flow measurement (EFM) to full well monitoring and production control as well as a fully functional SCADA remote. This highly flexible system is also very dependable in harsh environments.


  • Multiple-meter flow measurement (orifice or V-Cone® measurement)
  • Multiple-well measurement and control of gas flow, liquid flow, casing and tubing pressure, control valve, tank level switch, equipment run status, and run time
  • Plunger lift wells (flow, casing and tubing pressure, plunger arrival sensor, control valve, bypass B valve)
  • Plunger lift control (well condition-based control with complete data logging with production events and analog trending)
  • Compressor site monitoring and control (gas flow, pressure monitoring, run status, run time totalization, local and remote control)
  • Water injection well-site measurement and control (turbine flowmeter, casing and tubing pressure, choke valve control, pressure and/or flow-based control, data logging)
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