LOWIS™ software - An Integrated Production Workflow Solution

To successfully manage today’s upstream oil and gas production operations, various individuals within an organization must collaborate effectively on a variety of important tasks. Throughout the life cycle of a well, these multi-disciplinary tasks range from planning and executing to results evaluation and process improvement.

Achieving productivity gains in this complex, interdependent environment requires timely sharing of reported data, calculated results, analytical findings and expert observations. Critical information is often fragmented and dispersed across the enterprise, hindering an organization’s efforts at collaboration. LOWIS workflow facilitates proficient, cooperative interaction between people and more effective production workflow processes.

  • Full SCADA functionality for well monitoring and control
  • Common interface to view and interact with data from multiple sources
  • Integrated suite of surveillance, analysis, and well service management tools
  • Visually display information and map out daily work priorities from the LOWIS console
  • Management of work prioritization and attention to the highest producers
  • Open to several methods of wellhead telemetry
  • Connectivity to multiple controllers and RTUs
  • Supports all well types and processes
  • Seamless trending, reporting and graphing
LOWIS - Life of Well Information Software

Real-Time Data

  • Surveillance tools place integrated real-time and historical well data at the user’s fingertips and facilitates immediate control of wellhead facilities
  • LOWIS software supports hundreds of field controllers and RTUs so that you can continue to maximize your investment in these devices

Pump Performance Curve

Inflow Performance

Analysis Workbench

The analysis workbench provides a means for faster diagnosis and remediation of production problems whether your artificial lift type is beam, ESP, PCP or something else. This suite of tools allows your engineers to analyze and optimize your wells using real-time information. This enables your engineers to zero in on probable performance problems before well intervention.

Well Service Management (WSM)

The WSM module is used to prioritize and plan well service events. It presents histories in comparative graphs and reports to help determine best operating practices. Web reporting tools facilitate enhanced information exchange across the enterprise to help you understand your operational issues and cost drivers.

Some of the typical outputs from our score card analysis:

  • Costs in a given year for tubing and rod failures
  • Number of acid jobs completed with the total and individual costs
  • Total pump failure workovers in a given year and associated costs
  • The most efficient service company for any given job type with detailed crew and supervisor information
  • Number of workovers and costs trended over time
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