CygNet SCADA Configuration Training

Current Course Schedule:

Location Dates Price Type Register
San Luis Obispo, CA JUN 7-9, 2016 $1,785.00 Open
Katy, TX JUL 12-14, 2016 $1,785.00 Open
Katy, TX AUG 02-04, 2016 $1,785.00 Open
San Luis Obispo, CA NOV 01-03, 2016 $1,785.00 Open
Katy, TX DEC 06-08, 20106 $1,190.00 Open


The CygNet SCADA Configuration Course provides an operational foundation for basic CygNet system operators and is an introductory prerequisite for advanced courses designed for CygNet Administrators and Advanced Users. This course introduces students to the components of the SCADA system and teaches them how to add field devices, set up control commands, define polling schedules, add points, setup alarm and history reporting, and to define notifications. Students also learn how to create basic HMI screens and to define reports.

Course description

The CygNet Configuration Course is a three day, hands-on course that will provide each student with the skills necessary to configure their own SCADA system. Simulated RTUs will be used for polling data, viewing alarms, configuring notification and viewing historical data. At the end of the third day of training each user will have created and managed a small CygNet system installation complete with automated polling and templated HMI screens (detail screen, alarm screen, summary screen).

Target audience

CygNet SCADA System Operators, Advanced Users, and Administrators


  • Use of standard Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel
  • RTU/PLC experience preferred

Course contents

  • Understand service functionality
  • Add communication devices
  • Add and configure remote devices
  • Create custom commands
  • Create points
  • Understand alarm and history reporting
  • Schedule tasks
  • Create and utilize groups
  • Create notifications
  • Learn CygNet Studio design basics
  • Learn reporting applications
  • Learn basic configuration utilities
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